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Par 4

A superb starting hole with a tee shot to a tiered fairway, falling left into fairway bunkers and protected right by a cluster of trees. The approach is to an elevated green protected by steep bunkers short right and middle left.

Par 4 A gentle dogleg left with a strong strand of trees guarding the left side of the fairway, and fairway bunkers on the right. The second shot is to an elongated, severely undulating green—with bunkers protecting the right side.
Par 5 A challenge is extended by the third hole. The double fairway invites the long straight hitters to play the right side of the fairway with the hopes of a shorter, direct shot into the green. The left side leads toward a generous fairway, and a terrific three shot par five. A steep ravine protects the front of the green to catch errant shots.
Par 3 A very difficult par 3 where the challenge begins at the tee. A series of bunkers protects the entire right side, and a treacherous two-tiered green slopes severely from the left. Hitting left off the tee leaves a difficult chip to the green. Once on the putting surface, the undulations and depth of the green create additional difficulty.
Par 4 The start of four fabulous par fours to finish the outward half. A graceful downhill hole with trouble left and three puttable green, protected left by water and right by a series of bunkers.
Par 4 An uphill graceful dogleg right with fairway bunkers left and a fairway falling off right. The green is protected short by a bunker and is enclosed by a natural amphitheater of mounds.
Par 4 Arthur Hills’ favorite hole. A short hole that demands a second shot to a green that rolls like the ocean, challenging any putter.
Par 4 A fun dogleg right with a receptive fairway bunker to the right. Your second shot is downhill to a green surrounded left and long by water and short and right by bunkers.
Par 4 Out of a shoot of trees you go to an uphill par 4 aimed at the clubhouse. Once on the fairway, the fairway shot is to a bunkered green containing several slopes.


Par 4 Away you go to an uphill par 4 whose fairway narrows as you get closer to the green. Not a long hole, the second shot is straight uphill to a green protected left by a bunker and short by hollows. The shot to the green requires accuracy to reach one of 3 distinct putting areas.
Par 4 A classic straightaway hole protected left by fairway bunkers and right with rough and gorse. A medium to long second shot travels downhill over a rock ledge bordered green with a pond to the right.
Par 3 A great par 3 that demands an accurate middle iron downhill tee shot to a green sloping towards you. If not on the green, you will find water left, and severe mounds and bunkers around the remainder of the green.
Par 4 Our signature hole and one of the most talked about in the state. You can bite off as much as you choose, guarding left from water running tee to green. False security lies in the fairway with a shot to a naturally set elongated green guarded short by a bunker.
Par 3 A traditional par 3 following a natural rock ledge to a green framed by hardwood trees. The green is guarded right and long by cedar trees and left by bunkers and a severe slope.
Par 5 A beautiful dogleg left from an elevated tee. You may elect to go for the long left to right green protected in front by a gentle rolling stream. Those laying up must finesse a delicate shot over the creek to the green lying at the base of a rolling hill.
Par 4 An uphill dogleg left to a plateau fairway guarded left by a bunker. A tricky approach shot follows to a double green shared by the 18th hole.
Par 4 A long, graceful par 4 downhill. The green sits up and slants right to left as you look at it, with many testy pin placements. A bunker catches shots left, and mounds and slopes protect the other sides.
Par 5 A classic finishing par 5. The tee shot is uphill to a landing area framed left with a crabapple tree and right with a bunker. The second shot is to a peninsula landing area with water running short and the entire right side. The double green connected to number sixteen is surrounded by a natural amphitheater perfect for a tournament gallery.


Steve Shafer

Director of Golf

Karissa Hardesty

Assistant Golf Professional

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